Environmental testing

Environmental tests (vibrations, climatic, aging) are among the most overlooked tests by manufacturers, but they represent a crucial verification to ensure the compliance and quality of your products, especially when subjected to specific stresses.

Compliance with environmental standards guarantees a longer product life, drastically reducing the chances of failures over time and lowering internal costs for unplanned warranty-related maintenance.

Having prior knowledge of potential issues allows manufacturers to ensure product safety and implement specific predictive maintenance.

AP Engineering is one of the few consulting firms that offers:

  • Testing services with the issuance of ISO 17025 accredited tests through close collaboration and partnerships with major Italian laboratories.
  • Non-conformity resolution services.
  • Support for a design focused on environmental standard requirements.

If you need to conduct environmental tests with specialized and competent technical support, call or contact AP Engineering to schedule a meeting, during which a specific test plan will be defined.

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