IP Rating Testing

IP rating tests and design for IP compliance are aspects often overlooked by manufacturers but are fundamental for ensuring compliance with many product standards in the medical, machinery, and industrial sectors.

Based on the IP rating specified by standards or supply specifications, it is necessary to evaluate these aspects from the design phase since IP rating specifications and related tests often represent particularly intense stresses. Compliance with the EN 60529 standard and, therefore, full compliance with the IP requirement ensures a longer product life, drastically reducing the possibility of failures over time and reducing internal costs for unplanned warranty maintenance.

Knowing potential issues in advance allows the manufacturer to guarantee product safety and implement specific predictive maintenance. Furthermore, non-compliance with the EN 60529 standard requirements often leads to customer claims due to malfunctions or damage to the product simply because it was installed outdoors or because these components were washed with a water jet.

AP Engineering is among the few consulting companies that offer:

  • Testing services with the issuance of ISO 17025 accredited tests through close collaboration and partnerships with the most important Italian laboratories.
  • Non-compliance resolution services.
  • Support for a design focused on IP requirements in accordance with the EN 60529 standard.

If you need to perform IP tests or require consulting to design an IP COMPLIANT product and are seeking specialized and competent technical support, call or contact AP Engineering to schedule a meeting, during which a specific test plan will be defined.

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