AP Engineering is a company made up of specialists and expert professional people in the field of certification, set up to support device manufacturers in order to ensure compliance with European and international regulatory requirements for placing devices on the market. The activity carried out by AP Engineering, recognised as experts in the field, starts from the analysis of products up to the complete management of the Certification process, relieving its customers from the management process and interfacing with Certification Bodies, Laboratories and Institutions. The ability to achieve our goals is what distinguishes us in the market, supported by a high level of regulatory expertise acquired through years of experience in various sectors and participation in Italian, European and international regulatory technical Committees. Over time, AP Engineering has expanded its range of services to also provide a comprehensive service in the areas of on-site technical inspections of machinery and amusement rides, Industry 4.0 and specialised technical audits and training. We operate in multiple fields ranging from the Machinery Directive and the Certification of Functional Safety Devices, Medical Devices, Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Amusement Rides and Parks to certification for American markets, the Middle East, China, Korea, Russia, and many others.


AP Engineering is continuously developing consulting solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and expanding market. Always attentive to regulatory developments, AP Engineering considers the continuous development of competencies to be fundamental, which is also achieved through the inclusion of new resources and participation in specific regulatory technical committees such as those on electric mobility and cyber security.

AP engineering believes that the development of new corporate services and recognitions is the basis for the future of the company, which is why we have initiated projects in the areas of accreditation, privacy and Ethics and Social Responsibility Certification.

For AP Engineering, what Henry Ford of the utmost importance: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”, because for AP Engineering, the ultimate goal to be continuously pursued is not to sign a contract but to become an ever more experienced and comprehensive partner for its customers in order to achieve joint success.

Quality Policy

AP Engineering srl, starting with a basic choice of placing quality and the protection of the environment and safety in the workplace as determining elements for its services in the provision of specialised technical services, has decided to draw up its own Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Policy.

The constant implementation of the management model adopted allows AP Engineering to adequately plan the actions to be carried out for the full achievement of the improvement objectives set by the company management. These actions are the result of an ongoing analysis of the context in which AP Engineering Srl operates and the assessment of the risks and impacts associated with it.

In addition to these elements, AP Engineering srl, considers its commitment to Social Responsibility to be fundamental and places two fundamental principles at the centre of its activities: the desire to improve people's working conditions and respect for their dignity and freedom.


All organizations can access the services provided by AP Engineering Srl without any distinction based on size, membership in groups or associations, or the quantity of certifications already obtained, excluding entities subject to legal restriction measures.

For the full impartiality and sustainability statement, download the PDF.


AP Engineering Srl, a Certification, Inspection, and Testing body (hereinafter referred to as AP or the Company), operates with the task of carrying out conformity assessment activities, both on a voluntary and mandatory basis, and both under accreditation and non-accreditation.

This document aims to define the principles, values, and modes of behavior that AP ENGINEERING adheres to in the conduct of its activities. The purpose is to make these known and communicated at all levels of responsibility within its personnel and to third parties.

In this way, the company expresses the ethical and deontological inspiration of its corporate policies, as well as the operational guidelines to be followed in pursuit of these policies. This is done in compliance with the obligations arising from the observance of laws and regulations and accreditation technical standards.

For the complete code of ethics, download the PDF.

Our Values


This is not just a slogan, but we strongly believe in the value attested by our the ISO 14001 Certification


AP Engineering operates consistently ensuring the safety of its collaborators with ISO 45001 certification


AP Engineering strongly believes in technical expertise as a distinguishing factor, which is why we participate in numerous technical forums and provide continuous internal training


AP Engineering believes that customers should remember the service much longer than they remember the price


Respect for certification, which cannot be just a piece of paper but an added value for manufacturers and their products


Our way of operating is consolidated, organized, and certified ISO 9001


We tell customers what protects them, not just what benefits us, even if it means not entering into contracts

management ap engineering

Mr. Alessandro Peluso

Founding partner with 15 years' experience in the field of certification, testing and inspection. He has held positions as Technical Manager and Technical Director in Testing Laboratories and Certification Bodies in Italy and abroad. A lover of standards, he never stops studying and thinking about how to apply them diligently. Attentive to regulatory developments, he participates in more than 10 national, European and international technical committees. He is the organising soul of the company's activities and his motto is that all products are certifiable but that certification must be achieved consistently day after day.

Dario Pietroforte

He is the commercial soul of the company, focused on developing new services to protect and support customers. More than 15 years of commercial experience in the Certification, Inspection and Testing sector have not weakened him psychologically and he is always ready to design and develop tailor-made solutions for customers. The experience gained in major testing organisations and laboratories has led him to address customer requirements not only commercially but also with an eye on the technical aspect. He is not the classic salesman who has to place a product, but a sales consultant who perceives the problem, analyses it and turns it into an opportunity for the customer and the company.