Machine Regulation 1230/2023/UE

We offer a professional and competent service aimed at the certification and verification of compliance with the requirements of Machinery Regulation 1230/2023/EU and the major international standards directly and/or through partnerships with Accredited Certification Bodies and internationally recognized Testing Laboratories.

AP Engineering, as a Certification Body, operates with competence and professionalism, supporting manufacturers through specialized services, including:

  • Preliminary analysis, with technical specialist inspections, aimed at identifying the technical regulations and defining the entire certification process in terms of planning and expectations.
  • Evaluation by experts of the machine's certification documents, taking into account its intended use and modes of operation.
  • Testing activities according to EMC, Noise, Electrical Safety, and Type C standards.
  • Detailed analysis regarding functional safety aspects for the verification of safety architectures, including performance verification for SIL levels and Performance Levels.
  • Verification and assessment of compliance with Cybersecurity requirements.
  • Verification and assessment of compliance for software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

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