AP Engineering provides a highly specialised service for the on-site inspection of machines to ensure the safety of operators and to adequately manage compliance with technical regulatory requirements.

The activities carried out by our technical staff cover every aspect related to the safety of machines in use. In particular we carry out a technical assessment upon delivery of the machine to protect the Employer from the manufacturer's failure to apply certification standards or inspections during the life of the machine. This is to ensure the Employer is protected from possible tampering, modifications or other potentially dangerous situations.

Our approach and method is based on an in-depth knowledge of technical regulations and inspection methodology, and on established steps involving:

  • A preliminary analysis, with specialised technical inspections, aimed at identifying the risks of the machine for the purpose of use. Implementation of adaptation measures and related testing.
  • Emission of a list of possible non-conformities with support and indication of possible actions to be taken thought out and evaluated according to actual use. We believe that protection and protective measures must be thought out and evaluated according to actual use, otherwise they will quickly be eliminated or bypassed due to the inability to use the machine.
  • Inspections and constant support until compliance.
  • Periodic verification service to ensure continuous fulfilment of requirements

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