CE Marked Machinery

Inspection activities aimed at analysing and verifying conformity are strictly related to CE machines and are carried out at the site of use in order to verify 2 aspects:

  • Prior to commissioning, AP Engineering carries out a Machinery check to confirm that the machine complies with current regulatory requirements.
  • During the life of the machine AP Engineering carries out an inspection activity to verify that the safety conditions are maintained.

These activities play a fundamental role in occupational safety and protection of the Employer, the Prevention and Protection Service Manager and safety officers. All too often we see the purchase of machines that then turn out not to comply with one or more regulatory requirements, or machines in use with safety devices that have been bypassed or poorly maintained and/or modified without taking regulatory aspects into account. Among the aspects that an Employer must ensure is the provision of compliant equipment and machinery. The fulfilment of this requirement is too often and erroneously left to the mere presence of the declaration of conformity, but the presence of this declaration cannot be considered sufficient for the fulfilment of the above-mentioned requirement.

All too often, companies do not have the expertise to assess whether the supplied machine actually complies with the mandatory and applicable regulatory requirements. For this reason, AP Engineering, with its expertise and technical regulatory knowledge, has developed a service to guarantee the Employer and other safety officers from the commissioning of a new machine or following a revamp. The analysis process, consolidated by years of experience in the field, includes:

  • An analysis of the documentation provided.
  • On-site inspection of machinery to verify the most significant safety aspects.
  • Drafting of a technical analysis report.
  • Meetings with the supplier in order to bring the machine in line with regulatory requirements in the event of non-conformities.

Unsafe machinery is a risk for the company and for people. Do not wait for an accident to occur to start tracking down problems. Do not wait for an accident to occur to realise you have been cheated by your supplier, call or contact AP Engineering to protect yourself, your company, your employees by ensuring safety not only in words but also in deeds.

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