Facilitated Finance

finanza agevolata

Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity for growth, change and innovation for your organisation.
Any business growth and innovation must, however, be carefully planned and supported with specific resources and expertise so that it is also consistent and profitable.

We support companies in a multi-stage process starting with the Pre-Assessment 4.0 and machinery check-up and ending with the technical expertise and identification of the tax benefits available to take advantage of all the facilities made available by the State.

With the Transition 4.0 Plan, the State has made available numerous incentives to foster the adoption of digital technologies in Italian companies and increase their productivity.

In order to benefit from the incentives, it is necessary to calibrate investments and certify the machinery according to the mandatory requirements defined by the parameters of Industry 4.0, without neglecting training and the enhancement of the human resources employed.

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