Functional Safety

Designing a system or product in the field of functional safety involves:

  • Assigning the correct level of safety PL or SIL.
  • Defining, implementing, and executing all phases of the Safety Life Cycle through a technical staff with proven experience in the field of functional safety for hardware and software/firmware of the device according to the relevant and applicable regulations.
  • Defining safety specifications.
  • Conducting appropriate analyses and tests to validate the specifications.
  • Defining the document and development plan.
  • Drafting all documents starting from the Safety Requirements Specification document and Hardware and Software Design Review.
  • Performing all validation tests, including software validation, and preparing the test report.
  • Calculating and validating the achieved PL or SIL level.
  • Drafting the Safety Manual.
  • Ensuring a functional safety management system.

AP Engineering, as a Certification Body, provides assessment and certification services for the conformity of products, processes, and systems dedicated to performing safety functions. AP Engineering plays a fundamental role in ensuring that safety components meet the reliability requirements necessary to protect people.

The services provided by AP Engineering in the field of functional safety for safety components and systems can be divided into three main phases:

1) Conformity Assessment

Conformity assessment is the process through which AP Engineering verifies that the safety component meets applicable functional safety requirements (ISO 13849, IEC 62061, IEC 61508, IEC 62511). This phase typically includes the following activities:

  • Examination of documentation
  • Process audits
  • Product testing

2) Conformity Attestation
If the conformity assessment is successful, AP Engineering issues a certificate/attestation of conformity attesting that the safety component meets the applicable functional safety requirements.


AP Engineering, with the competence and experience gained by its technicians, is capable of conducting a complete verification and analysis of conformity according to ISO 13849, IEC 62061, IEC 62511, and IEC 61508, both for hardware and software. Contact us now to obtain your certificate in the field of functional safety.

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