International Certifications

It is increasingly common for machinery manufacturers to want to sell their machines in non-EU countries. Manufacturers often face specific and complex national legislations that are difficult to interpret and analyze, with the risk of having their machines blocked or being unable to sign supply contracts.

AP Engineering, leveraging the experience of its technical staff, can provide comprehensive regulatory support with a well-established process, including:

  • Analysis of regulatory requirements and applicable standards based on the target market.
  • Technical regulatory assessment of the project.
  • Machine inspections to issue a report in accordance with relevant standards.
  • General support to the client in certification procedures with interaction with local Certification Bodies.
  • Translation of technical and accompanying documentation through specialized external partners.

AP Engineering has gained significant experience in the North American, Korean, Middle Eastern, Russian, Chinese, and South American markets. If you need to conduct a technical regulatory and/or compliance assessment for non-EU markets, call or contact AP Engineering to schedule a meeting, during which a specific certification plan will be defined.

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