New Machinery Regulation – Impacts and Requirements for Machinery Manufacturers

The event organized by Confindustria Emilia, "New Machinery Regulation - Impacts and Requirements for Machinery Manufacturers," is scheduled for April 11th in Modena, with AP Engineering as a co-organizer.

This workshop focuses on the new regulation that is revolutionizing industrial machine safety compared to the old Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The aim is to promote dissemination and understanding among stakeholders of the various sectors involved in the new provisions, as well as the risks and challenges posed by the new regulation. Various aspects will be analyzed with contributions from Accreditation Authorities (Accredia), Certification Bodies, and consulting firms.

The new EU Regulation, which came into force last year, aims to standardize safety and health protection requirements for machines across all EU Member States. Compared to the old Directive, there are several formal and substantial changes that manufacturers will need to address to issue their conformity declarations starting January 2027.

Program and Speakers (starting at 9:30 am):

Dr. Simone Mangini - President of Professional Services Sector - Confindustria Emilia

Ing. Andrea Vivi - CEO - Praxis Consulting
Opening and introduction of speakers

Dr. Lorenzo Petrilli - Head of Certification and Inspection Department - ACCREDIA
Authorities' perspective on the transition from directive to new regulation

Ing. Alessandro Peluso - Technical Director - AP Engineering
Impacts of the new regulation on compliance and implementation timelines

Ing. Vincenzo Delacqua - Governance and Regulatory Update Director - Icim Group
New machine classification and certification procedures

Ing. Giuseppe Cavallone - Health and Safety Unit Manager - Nier Engineering
Impact on users and definition of substantial modifications.

The event will conclude with a networking light lunch courtesy of AP Engineering, Icim Group, Nier Engineering, and Praxis Consulting.

The event will take place in person at Confindustria Emilia Headquarters in Modena, Via Bellinzona, 27/A, 41124 Modena.

Interested individuals are invited to register by sending an email to:, indicating: Company Name, First Name, Last Name, and participant's email address.